• Functions of Carbohydrates

    Functions of Carbohydrates

    Functions of Carbohydrates

    There have been many discussions about the good and bad functions of carbohydrates. Most recently, some diets have recommended eliminating all carbohydrates from what you consume daily. Many food companies have bought into this and have introduced low-carb bread options. Perhaps, limiting your consumption of bad carbohydrates such as sugar from diet is a step towards a positive direction, but it shouldn’t go further than that. Eliminating fruits and whole grains from your diet can potentially deprive you of cancer fighting foods.

    Functions of Carbohydrates: Simple vs. Complex

    Carbohydrates fall into two main categories; simple and complex carbs. Simple carbohydrates are found in sodas, candy and even some fruit which contain simple sugars while complex carbohydrates are found in whole grains, fruits and cereals.

    There is a main differences between the two groups of carbohydrates which is their chemical structures. Simple sugars are made of a few sugar molecules while complex carbs are made of hundreds and even thousands of these molecules put together.┬áThe end result of both is glucose formed in your body. Another difference between the two carbs is the time needed to digest them. (I know…I dropped scientific stuff here…but its for your own good…so hang in there and continue reading about the functions of carbohydrates.{smile})

    Ok…so for example…if you consume a 100 calories of simple sugars, your body can digest much quicker than if you eat the same amount of calories that are made of complex carbs. How so? Because simple sugars are close to the end product than complex carbs which need more time to digest. Therefore, if you eat a meal with simple sugars, you will be hungrier much sooner than had you eaten a meal made of complex carbs. Oh and if you didn’t know already, making a habit of drinking soda and eating candy can add up to a lot of calories at the end of the day. Not good.

    Functions of Carbohydrates: Obesity and Diabetes

    Obesity and diabetes is on a rise and studies have shown that simple sugars is a contributing factor, especially in children. Studies have also shown that eating the good carbs can protect you from many types of cancers. So the next time you pick up one of those diet magazines claiming the newest low-carb diet, throw it away and grab an apple instead!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    I have always been a bit confused by this topic.

    How do I ensure I am getting the better carbs simple vs complex?

    Is it on labels?

    Better yet what can I do to remove the confusion and

  2. Shawn Sparks says:

    I have always wondered about that myself. I didn’t know that fruits were a good. Thanks for then info.

  3. Melody Garza says:

    This post makes me happy! As an RD, I love all the scientific stuff but you make very easy to understand. All carbs are not created equal, so glad you showed that. Great post!

  4. Darren says:

    I did not know there was a difference between types of carbs. I guess I had heard it before, but I never thought about it. Thanks for the info. Great post.

  5. Lisa Torres says:

    Great information as usual Lisa. Yes, those OTHER carbs will mess you up and lead to unwanted pounds, diabetes and all sorts of things. Eat the good carbs. Thanks for sharing!