• Motivation To Workout

    Motivation to Workout

    Motivation to Workout

    Let’s face it…it takes alot of work and motivation to workout. It’s difficult for people to do the same routine day in and day out every week. The sad part is that some people eventually get bored and stop doing the fitness program altogether. With this in mind, today I want to share ways that you may be able to avoid this and make exercise and fitness a habit.

    One of the key importance to keeping up with any workout or fitness program and sticking to it is having the proper motivation. If you are not motivated and disciplined long enough to make it a habit, then regardless of fitness program it will be unworkable. In short, people that don’t stick to a program long term, don’t get the results they want to achieve.

    Unfortunately, motivation is something that does not happen in an instant. It’s something that has to be worked at continuously. Just when one can easily find enough motivation, it can also be easy to enough to lose. That’s why its important to try to psyche yourself out and try to keep that motivation up before it wears away.

    The root behind the right motivation to workout comes from the very reasons why you wanted to start at all. For example, if you wanted so much to lose weight or build up muscle definition then that would be your primary motivation to keep up with an exercise and training program that would help you get the results you want. Then all you need to do is keep reminding yourself every day why you are doing this and what you hope to gain from it.

    Visual Cues – Motivation to Workout

    One simple way of reminding yourself to stay motivated to keep going is to have a visual cue of what your end result would be after a certain fitness program. If your intended goal is to lose weight, you might want to have a visual image of what you would look like after you achieve this goal. For inspiration, you may want to have a poster or magazine cut out of the type of body you wish to have after you lose the weight.

    Don’t Do it Alone – Motivation to Workout

    Another way to keep your motivation to workout is to not do it alone. Enlist a friend or co-worker who may want to achieve the same fitness goals as you are. This way you have someone who can push you enough to do better and vice versa. By having a friend to work out with can help provide you with the necessary motivation that you need to keep going and strive for your fitness goals.

    Track Your Progress – Motivation to Workout

    Finally, another way to keep your motivation up is by simply trying to keep track of your progress. I recommend recording your previous weight or size in a notebook or journal. This helps you keep track of the changes on a weekly basis as you have motivation to workout. Just by keeping track and being aware of the positive changes would motivate you even more to do better and reach higher in your fitness goals.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Melody Garza says:

    I’m glad you mentioned visual cues – these are so important! Taking a picture of yourself may be like pulling teeth at first, but it’s totally worth it at the end! Seeing a change is one of the best feeling =)

  2. Darren says:

    Melody is absolutely right. Before and after pictures are truly motivating. I also like having other people to workout with even if it is just online. Challenge groups keep each person motivated and on track. Great post.

  3. Visual cues and tracking your progress is huge.. being able to visually see the progress is motivation itself

  4. Shawn Sparks says:

    I’ve always had the desire, but never had the motivation until I joined Beachbody and started doing Insanity.

  5. Corey says:

    These 3 keys to motivation is dead on, especially the Visual Ques. That’s my motivation, not only wanting to see my end result, but seeing something that I DO NOT WANT TO BE. I also didn’t realize how much “tracking your progress” played a vital role in fitness success. Its good to see where you are at and allows me to keep a constant mental note of my results. I have now reached the point where I can do it alone, but I had someone push me in that direction in the beginning, which was surely needed :).

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