• P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Review

    P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    Are you thinking about doing P90X Extreme Home Fitness? Want to know if this program is for you or not? Well I’m glad you landed here on my post.  In my post today, I’m going to give you a review of P90X  and explain what you can expect out of this results-driven program.

    P90X is an extreme workout system created by Beachbody, a company that offers the top fitness programs as seen on TV like Insanity, TurboFire, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs and more. P90X is the system that claims to have your body transformed from “regular to ripped in just 90 days.”

    Inside the P90X Extreme Home Fitness System, you get 12 workout routines in DVD, a 3-Phase nutritional plan, unique supplement options, a fitness guide, a progress calendar and online support. Tony Horton, is the “personal trainer” behind this highly popular workout and weight loss program.

    Introducing “Muscle Confusion” – P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    The program’s effectiveness is based on a concept called “muscle confusion”.  What this means is that numerous exercise routines are incorporated to keep the different muscle groups doing many different moves as much as possible.

    Due to the number of different routines used, the P90X workout confuses your muscles. With this happening continuously, your body becomes stronger, slimmer and physically more fit without the use of any pills.

    Therefore, the “plateau effect” is avoided. Your muscles do not get used to the routines and they continue to develop. P90X Extreme Home Fitness is recommended to be done daily for up to one hour a day.  There are many successful stories posted about P90X.

    Here are just a few success stories:

    P90X Success Stories

    The Workout Routines – P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    As mentioned earlier, there are 12 workout routines. Six workout DVDs are labeled by the different muscle groups being trained.  These are Chest and Back, Shoulder and Arms, Legs and Back, Chest Shoulders & Triceps, Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper X.  Then cardio-based workout routines are included: Plyometrics, Core Synergistics, Cardio X, Kenpo X. As well as flexibility routines: Yoga X and Stretch X.

    Equipment needed to perform most of these workouts include purchasing resistance bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar to perform pull-ups.

    Advantages of P90x Extreme Home Fitness

    The advantages of of P90X Extreme Home Fitness is that it’s a one-time purchase and you own the workout that can be used over and over again with no other purchases or monthly cost. It comes with a 100%, 90-Day Satisfaction guarantee.

    You can take the program with you when on vacation or business travel. Bring along various resistance bands when dumbbells are not an option.

    Disadvantages of P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    One of the disadvantages of P90X Extreme Home Fitness is that it requires a serious lifestyle change, which may not be suitable for some individuals.  As with any physical activity done on your body, it is always best to consult your doctor to make sure you can do an extreme workout like P90X.

    Another disadvantage is that most of the workouts are long; some are between 45 minutes to an hour.  You’ll need to plan ahead if you decide to do the workouts in the morning before going into work or a stay at home mom or dad with small children.

    I can tell you first hand that I struggled during my first 30 days with the program and almost wanted to quit.  But I hung in there to the end because I was determined to see it through and achieve serious results.  I was very pleased with my transformation.

    Is P90x Workout For You? – P90X Extreme Home Fitness

    Tony Horton, P90X Personal Trainer

    Tony Horton, P90X Personal Trainer

    The first thing to do is identify if you are fit to sweat it out with P90x.  You need to know if you are prepared mentally and physically.  Although this fitness program could be followed by anybody, meaning beginners, it would require hard work, dedication, and determination.   Aside from the exercise routines, P90x also requires followers to adapt a nutrition and diet plan.  You should be mentally prepared to follow a strict regimen.

    To determine if your body is up for the intense and advanced fitness program, you could download the fitness test and answer it.  It could be downloaded from the P90x website.  Answer it honestly.  If you do not come close or did not pass it, then you could try the Power 90 or the other fitness programs which are also created by Beachbody, the same company that produced P90X.  Aside from the fitness test, P90x offers a fitness guide that would help you figure out your starting point.

    Are you read to try P90X Extreme Home Fitness?

    Expect 90 days of hard training and exercises from P90X which is why determination and willpower is important when opting for this fitness program.  It is not only a fitness program but a drastic lifestyle change.  But just like when starting any other fitness and diet program, doctor’s advise is very important.

    How to Purchase P90X from an Authorized Distributor and Receive FREE Coaching

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Melody Garza says:

    I love P90X! It was the first program I ever did from Beachbody and if it wasn’t for P90X, I wouldn’t have seen the change I wanted both physically and financially.

  2. Barbie says:

    You know what I love most about this Review? Is that you KEEP IT REAL! and not just sugar coat it!

    I love how you mention that you Must be ready for the lifestyle Change, if not, it may not be for you.

    I did P90X and it IS a heck of a commitment but I learned so much about myself doing P90X that it was worth every sacrifice made to do it.

    P90X Lives up to it’s promises and I think it’s definitely a great workout to put on your bucket list and get done!

    Great Review Lisa!

    • Lisa says:

      Barbie, thank you for your comment! Yes, I think too many people sugar coat a program like P90X and make people believe that anyone can do this but I know first hand that my first round was very tough and I skipped alot of workouts. I almost wanted to quit. So it’s important for me to let people know what to expect!

  3. Barbie says:

    Wow! I don’t feel so bad about quitting Insanity now. I did feel guilty about it for a bit, but then I just reconciled that I just wasn’t ready for it and that’s ok!

    You look amazing though and are an inspiration to motivate people to get fit!

  4. P90x is the best muscle confusion program ever created. Those struggling with plateaus need to give this a chance. Amazing results by so many.

  5. Darren says:

    P90X is awesome. I can’t tell you how many infomercials I watched trying to decide whether it is worth it. I am so glad I did. As you mention, it is hard. But, you have to work hard to get results. I loved P90X so much that I have moved on to P90X2.

  6. Lisa Torres says:

    This is a great review, Lisa. I LOVE LOVE LOVE P90X. I would do this program over and over again.

    You look GREAT Lisa!!!

  7. Jimmy says:

    You are consistent and are truly a great leader.

    Anyone that follows you knows that if they need motivation,or any other resource they can count on you.

    You knowledge and wisdom of beachbody products is on point.

    This review should help anyone decide on their next step whether P90X or any other Beachbody product is right for them.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Jimmy for your kind feedback to my post. I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Please come back soon for more product review posts.

  8. Shawn Sparks says:

    Great review. I’m in the middle of Insanity right now, and P90X will definitely be my next program thanks to you.

    • Lisa says:

      I love Insanity! I did Insanity after I did P90X. But I think you did right by doing insanity first then move on to P90X. Look forward to hearing about your experience with P90X soon.

  9. Corey says:

    I’ve heard alot about the P90x program. Sounds intimidating and challenging at the same time. This seems to be a popular workout and its obvious it brings about results. This is a definite must for anyone who is serious about getting in shape and changing their body. I think I will add this routine to my list for the future. I appreciate the information about this program. Well stated to include the advantages and disadvantages. I look for future articles on other workouts as well.

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