• Join My Next Online Fitness Challenge Group in April (The Beachbody Challenge)

    Hey Hey hey…I’m forming another online fitness challenge group in April and seeking to work with (5) amazing people who want to get real results in 90 days or less!  Here’s my video about it!


    What does the challenge involve?

    – You’ll be in a private fitness challenge group maintained on Facebook
    – Purchase one of the Challenge Packs below for your 90 Days
    – Receive FREE one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching
    – Weekly weigh-in of your progress is required
    – Receive motivation and support from your coach and team members

    Choose One of The Challenge Packs Above

    To join the challenge:

    1) Go to https://nogymrequiredfitness.com/challenge

    2) Click “Take the Beachbody Challenge” button

    4) Enter your Beachbody Challenge info to enroll as an Official Challenger

    5) Choose a Challenge Pack

    6) Checkout

    7) Get Excited! Your about to embark on a journey that will transform you health and fitness in a positive way! Congratulations!

    8) Notify me your Coach that your order is complete so I can verify it went through properly and add you to my private facebook group. I’m looking forward to serving you!

    Lisa Santos, Independent Team Beachbody Coach

    Independent Team Beachbody Coach
    Get a Free Team Beachbody Account!
    Work with me -Leaders Only!

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